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General terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to Users of web page creation, graphic design and application development services: The corresponding terms will be applied between the Contractor and the Client of the service, i.e. the client of web page creation, graphic design and application development (hereinafter referred to as the Project) . These Terms are valid upon acceptance of the offer or signing of the contract between the Contractor and the Client with the subject of work on the Project and replaces all previous agreements, arrangements, procedures or proposals, written or oral, related to the same subject. No oral explanation or information provided by either party shall alter the interpretation of the provisions of these Terms. By accepting these Terms, the Client relies exclusively on the provisions specified in the Terms.

Approval; quality guarantee

The Contractor will submit to the Client, for approval, the design concept of the front page in computer graphic form, on the test domain and demo server. The Client accepts that he is aware that all subpages will be designed based on homepage, unless otherwise agreed. The size of the text, colors and general appearance of the internet pages depend on the user's browser, screen resolution and its settings. Unless otherwise defined, the Client's internet pages are not specially prepared for printing from an internet browser.

The Contractor will offer the Client a maximum of two (2) versions of the design. Any additional concept goes beyond the scope of these conditions and is charged according to agreement. The moment the Client approves the design, the insertion of the content provided by the Client begins, and any additional changes after placing the page online on the Client's domain are charged as agreed.

In the case of programming works - which in this case refers to the creation of computer and web applications, i.e. works carried out on already existing Projects - the Client can be granted access to view currently completed works at the Client's request or according to a previously agreed schedule.

Upon completion of the work on the Project, the Contractor will issue an invoice to the Client for the remaining amount of the payment. The Client is given 8 days to carefully study the Project, test all functions, check all links and finally inform the Contractor about the possible need for corrections required, i.e. about the approval of the Project. The Contractor will carry out minor correction interventions free of charge, provided that the requests for changes are reasonable, i.e. they do not imply a significant deviation from the originally agreed items. If he does not receive a response from the Client within 8 days, the Contractor will consider the Project approved and completed. Any subsequent request for additional procedures will be charged as agreed.

In the event that the Client does not have hosting services for the created Internet pages and/or Web applications upon completion of the project, they can be delivered to the Client on CD, USB memory or by sending to an e-mail address.


The Contractor will do everything necessary to comply with the agreed deadlines for the completion of the Project. The Client must bear in mind the fact that lack of cooperation and delay in the delivery of materials (texts, images, etc.) can cause significant delays in relation to the agreed deadlines. Work begins with acceptance of the offer (and payment of 50% of the total amount in advance, if it is a 50-50 billing model). In the event that all necessary materials for the project are not delivered within 15 days from the start of the project, we reserve the right to extend the deadline in accordance with current projects.

Payment terms

Model 100 – The Client pays 100% of the amount after the end of the project and before placing the site online on the Client's server or domain.

Model 50-50 – The Client pays 50% of the total amount in advance, and the remaining 50% after the completion of the Project and before placing the page online on the Client's server or domain.

The project, website, web store, logo, images, program code and all other work related to the Project will not be delivered to the Client before the full payment is made.


The Client is responsible for the delivery of all materials necessary for the creation of the Project. All material (texts and images) must be delivered in digital form, unless otherwise agreed or emphasized by the Contractor when agreeing the project. Scanning of photos, documents and manual entry or transcription of data are charged upon agreement. Photos for the website must be in JPG or PNG format. Additional processing of materials (texts and images) is charged upon agreement. The Client is responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals related to the use of materials for the creation of the Project and their delivery to the Contractor. If the materials require the emphasis of copyright, the Client is obliged to identify the said materials and provide the Contractor with the necessary texts for notes related to copyright. The Client agrees to indemnify the Contractor and indemnify the Contractor from all claims, including but not limited to copyright, trademark infringement, privacy or defamation claims, as a result of the use of the supplied materials.

Ownership, copyright and obligations

After the Client has paid the full amount of the invoice:

For services provided by the Contractor and provided by a third party, the Client undertakes to accept the Terms of Business and license agreements of the third party in full.

Cancellation of ordered services

The Client and/or the Contractor may at any time request the cancellation of works on the ordered services. In case of interruption of work on the Project, the Contractor retains all ownership and rights to the work done up to the moment of cancellation.

Cancellation by the Client

The Client has the option of canceling services. The cancellation is given in writing and delivered to the Contractor by registered mail or by e-mail from the responsible person of the Client's company to the official e-mail address of the Contractor's company. Upon receipt of the request, the Contractor will stop performing all contracted work. The day of delivery of the Cancellation to the Contractor is considered the day of handing over the registered mail to the company designated for the delivery of written mail or e-mail. In case of cancellation by the Client, the Contractor is not obliged to return the paid funds.

Cancellation by the Contractor

The Contractor reserves the right to refuse or stop work on the Project, if necessary. In this case, all funds paid for the work on the Project, minus possible work costs or other types of costs, are paid to the Client's account. The Contractor may cancel the project for any reason it deems justified, including but not limited to poor cooperation with the Client and significant delays in handing over materials to the Contractor.

Damage compensation

Under no circumstances will the Contractor be liable or penalized for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising from the Client's use of the Contractor's services, including but not limited to , non-fulfillment of deadlines, loss of income, interruption of server operation and malicious activities of users (hackers). The Client agrees to indemnify the Contractor and indemnify the Contractor from any claims, liability or damages arising from the Contractor's use of any material submitted by the Client.

Location and court jurisdiction

The contracting parties agree that all disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this Agreement, if necessary, will be resolved at the court in Dubrovnik.


The Client agrees that the Contractor may use the Project in such a way as to display it on Contractor's Internet pages. Equally, the Client agrees with the Contractor placing the Client on the list of user that is presented to visitors on the Contractor's website.


All works on the contracted Project will be carried out in a professional and expert manner, in accordance with the standards of the profession and in accordance with the specifications. The Client agrees that no guarantees are offered regarding the progress of work, time schedule, delivery deadlines or any other time-sensitive arrangements.

The Contractor does not guarantee that the functions contained in the created Project will be uninterrupted or error-free unless the maintenance of the website is agreed upon. The complete risk regarding the quality and success of the Project rests with the Client if he independently maintains his website/web store. In no case will the Contractor be liable to the Client or any third party for any damage, including loss of profit or other incidental, consequential or special damages resulting from the operation of the website or application, or the Client's inability to manage the website or application, although the Contractor warned of the possibility of such problems.


The project does not include any maintenance package, unless the same has been contracted. All work related to the maintenance of the website or web store will be charged according to agreement.

Education/website administration

We create websites in Wordpress or another CMS system for independent administration, i.e. updating content on the website. Our company, as an Contractor of the website creation service, is not obliged to provide the Client and its employees with free training on the updating and administration of the website. If the Client does not have the necessary knowledge or a web administrator within the company, we can offer a website maintenance contract or offer an education service.


Business communication for creating a Project or maintaining a website must be done exclusively via e-mail correspondence or telephone calls. The Contractor is not obliged to respond or receive materials via sms, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype application.

Acceptance of terms

The general terms and conditions are binding for the contracting parties and representatives. These Terms and Conditions may be supplemented, amended or revoked at any time, in whole or in part, exclusively by signed agreement of the contracting parties.

Item headings are included solely for ease of reference. If there is a conflict between the title and the text of these General Conditions, the title will be excluded from interpretation. If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions, for any reason, is declared invalid by a competent court, this will not affect the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions. On the contrary, the remaining provisions are completely separate and will be interpreted as if the invalid provisions were not an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. Any notice required by the provisions of these General Conditions to be delivered in writing must be sent by registered mail or by e-mail by a responsible person of the Client's company to the official e-mail address of the Contractor's company.